Google Should Allow Adsense Publishers Buy Custom Domain Directly from Blogger using their Adsense Earnings

Since the rumor about Blogger rebranding to Google Blogs surfaced early in July, I was seriously considering getting my blogs (under blogger) their own custom domain, starting from my most visited blog.

I was about to buy one when something stopped me and this thought occurred to me.

Google should consider allowing Adsense publishers to buy custom domain directly from Blogger with their Adsense earnings.

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Yesterday, I went checking my desired domain name over GoDaddy & NameCheap. I was glad that it was still available although the .com version is a little expensive for my meager budget.

Searching further, I found out that buying the domain directly from Blogger is cheaper by almost $2 and easier to implement. However, I only have Paypal earnings to spend. Buying a domain directly from Blogger directs you to Google checkout which do not accept Paypal. That sucks for me!

A thought came to my mind.

There are a lot of bloggers that for years maintained blogs under the Blogger subdomain, displaying Adsense ads. Google owns both Adsense and Blogger. If Google will only allow Adsense publishers like me to buy custom domains directly from Blogger using my accumulated Adsense earnings, it would be a win-win scenario.

Publishers get to own their custom domains and perhaps be more encouraged to create killer content. This is specifically beneficial to those publishers who have yet to reach the Adsense threshold for payment of $100.

Google, in return, gets paid for the domain and also gets to earn back the money they would have to send as payment to their publishers.

Do you have blog under Blogger? Do you display Adsense on it? Do you intend to buy your own domain soon? Would you consider buying your own custom domain at Blogger if Google allows us to do so using our adsense earnings?


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