Wordpress.com Offer Ads, What's Your Take on It?

It was long time coming but wordpress.com finally succumbed to the inevitable lure of of more profit and revenues.

A report from Mashable said that wordpress.com owner Automattic teamed up with Federated Media and will be allowing brands and advertisers to place contextual ads on site hosted under the wordpress.com domain.

I'm curious how the readers, who are used to seeing less ads, will react? Are publishers like me can start salivating for another source of income stream?

As of this writing, their own stats boast of 63, 008, 690 wordpress sites in the world, half of which is hosted by wordpress.com. That includes my 3 blogs. Without question, such number is quite a gold mine of exposure for products and advertisers alike.

However, it was not mentioned if publishers under the domain will get a share of the profit or if they will have some control over the ads that will be displayed on their sites.

For those bloggers who want to make money without dishing cash for domain or hosting, Blogger (owned by Google) is the best platform, as it allows its publishers free rein on ads to displayed on their respective blogs either under their own domain or under blogger.com

If wordpress.com will follow the template of Google and Adsense, then surely a lot of bloggers under Blogger will considering changing free blog service, me included.

I personally see wordpress.com aesthetically and functionality superior than Blogger. Athough wordpress.com requires more technical know how than the easy-to-learn Blogger.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I have blogs under wordpress that are not frequenty update. But finally getting some form of profit from it is definitely a priority-changer.

Suppose publisher have control, will you allow your blog under wordpress.com to display ads? Will you leave your Blogger blogs or maintain both?


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