RIP Old Adsense Interface

Goodbye to the 'ol too familiar thing that greets me first after firing up my Google chrome browser. A notification when I accessed my adsense account yesterday subtly compels me to familiarize with the new one.

Goodbye to the Old Adsense Interface. Goodbye old pal. Google will be retiring that page by mid-November.

Screenshot of the old Google Adsense Interface
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Goodbye to the best source of elation among my online browsing habits and also the best source of frustration.

Franky, I don't like the new adsense interface. Too cluttered for me. Perhaps growing in age makes us all unmalleable to most changes. I woudn't be exerting extra time just to be accustomed with it. I'm sure I'll get the hang of it in my own due time. Type rest of the post here


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