Need for Speed Internet Quest.

No, this is not about the racing game. Frankly, it is never my cup of tea and regrettably, never will.

I have lived through the dial-up connection at home since I purchased my first PC. Honestly, I have been contented,  given that my surfing needs  at home are almost limited to reading from my fave sites. DSL is not yet booming that time. From time to time, I enjoy faster connection when I'm at friends' offices. Since, I have yet a need for it then, it was just a wishful thinking. Yet it comes to mind every now and then.

Lately, I have been pondering into getting a fixed connection, something far better than 56 kbps or less. A faster connection will greatly help me at my freelance gigs, blogging and self-education in the web.

Advertisement from different dsl providers have me drooling for a faster home browsing experience. What keeps me from indulging is the strain it would create on my already tight budget.

Initially, I planned on subscribing to SMART when they offered this portable wifi adapter. The promise of getting connected on any PC anywhere prove too tempting to pass. But after some analysis, I found it to be the same as renting from a nearby cybercafe. Not to mention, presenting documents that I can not produce is unappealing . Plus,  the thought of being tied up with the subscription for two years, turned me off.

Then, I got an idea from the boarding house of my alumni friends. They are enjoying free wifi access in their vicinity. Obviously, I can not name them of the location. For their " unknowing provider " may secure the connection upon reading this.

So, here's what I did. I borrowed a wifi adapter from my best buddy. Installed it on my PC and hoped that free internet access signal abound in my location. But unfortunately, the adapter can not detect even a low quality signal. Just my luck! Either my neighbours has secure wifi connections or none at all.

Being the perpetual optimist, I do not lose hope. I got another idea from another friend, Once he  told me that he tried using N70 as the modem and accessed the internet provided by SMART, and found it to be fast at 20 pesos/hr of surfing. He is the not-so-easily-satisfied-type of being, that I readily approved of the idea.

So, as of the moment, I am canvassing for the cheapest 3G Handset and try that solution. With this, I will not be compelled to pay a monthly fee, just pay-for-use. Moreover, since I will not be going outside to any cyber cafe but work on my own pc, I will have all the software/application that I need available at a click. If these one also fails, then at least I can retire my 3120 which I bought way back in 2005.

If the last one prove to be unsuccessful, then, I really have no choice but to apply for a monthly subscription. Hopefully, by then, I do have the documents and the money.


As if to drive the point of this entry, I am currently using BLAST internet card. I assure you, it is far from having a blast. Perhaps, the connection is preferential to Bayantel subsribers. Damn, ISP was sold out!


Apol Apuntar said...

you could include thsi on your list of alternatives:

move to MH!


check your entrecard profile. You got your link wrong. Im being sent to an iranian blog lol

~euo~ said...

tama, lipat ka sa MH.. ;P

cheap phone with 3G? try mo ung LG KU 250 - 5,600 lng yan.. mura kesa sa nokia handset..

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