Rush hour. Partial Transport Strike. Rain

These are the perfect combination for being stranded on the streets of Quezon City. Frankly, this should be the least of my worries. But a bum like me has to leave the house from time to time.

What should be a one ride home, took hanging outside of a jeepney rail twice and almost an hour of standing on the middle of the street.

The last time I hung on a jeepney rail was way back in my college days. On the bright side, I had some physical exercise for the night aside from standing for almost an hour.

While I am standing away, thinking how am I going to get home, there are a few things that got my attention.

There still are good samaritans er Filipinos out there. A number of vehicles mostly delivery trucks were kind enough and allowed some of the stranded to hitch a ride. Although, most of the ones who were able to ride were guys.

Some of the jeepneys, who did not participate on the strike, allowed overload. Quite a safety risk but the situation needs drastic measures.

I envy those who were fetch by cars. Perhaps some family or close friends. Or the ones cramped inside the buses. At least they were on their way.

Tempers also flared. A passenger from a jeepney shouted angrily to the commuters on the street for obstructing motor vehicles. The stranded commuters shouted back. An angry old man cursed the driver of a truck who did not allow him to hitch in the back.

When I finally boarded off the last jeepney I hang over, I noticed a bus on a street. Perhaps some engine problems or something. I pity those who would have to transfer again to another vehicle just to go home.

Somehow, I am still luckier than them.


Anonymous said...

don't worry, makakabili din tayo ng truck! wahehehe!

donna de gracia said...

hello!!! bakit naman kasi walang chatbox dito?? hehehe...

Canada Visa said...

Sa Canada di mo ma experience yan. Pramis. :D

the one and only said...

ako din gsto ko try sumabit!

lunarpunch said...

Ambait naman nung mga truck drivers. Kelangan ko ring ma-experience yang pagsabit! ;)

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