Is Yahoo! Instant Messenger Hacked?

Is Yahoo Instant Messenger Hacked? Or bugged?.. or something else? That appears to be the case.

Is Yahoo! Instant Messenger Hacked?Everytime I logged on to Yahoo Messenger (YM), there are always offline buzz [ding] from some on my lists of contacts.

These has happened quite a number of times. And when I asked my contacts why they buzzed me, they say they did not buzzed me at all.

Also, I have received offline spam messages that supposed to come from my contacts which they knew nothing about.

I am using Yahoo! Messenger And I already clicked the Report a Problem to Yahoo! link. I hoped Yahoo can resolved this soon.

Are you experiencing the same in your YM account?


asunsun said...

Yes, same problem here

Anonymous said...

Yes. Dings are coming from everywhere when I'm offline, both from contacts and people I don't know. Yahoo is either hacked or people are infected with a virus that's spamming Yahoo Messenger.

eternally said...


How are you?

You have a very nice site.

I am from Ungkutan - and I am hoping if it is possible if we can link exchange with your site -

Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.

Ungkutan Admin - Pinoy Forum ( Our badge )

Gracia said...

aloysians, please add me on ur blogroll. Thanks…Naadd na kita kuya

warstg26 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
warstg26 said...

same problem here,..

kuya paano ba gawin ang post na may clickable na read more, or read full story? at paano rin gawin na may kasamang adds? Sa akin ksi continous lng po sya. hohohohoho.
kong isang milya ang haba ng post ko, doon sya matatapos sa dolo ng isang milya. hohohohohohoho

hope matulongan mo ako kuya

tsaka tips rin sa blogging kuya

pwede mo e-send sa email ko

thanks in advance kuya

niko said...

may award ako sau!!

doms said...

thank you sa link... anong url ng blog mo?


thanks for the award. :)
no time to blog nowadays eh...

I would like to help you as much pero try mo na lang kay kuya google. Isearch mo yung "selective expandable posts". You will get directions on how to do it.

Best regards to all of you and happy blogging.

Warstg20 said...

Thanks kuya...

isa ka talagang tunay na alamat

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