My 100th Blog Post is about Reaching the Google Adsense Payout Minimum Threshold of $100

Yes! After almost four years, I finally reached the Google Adsense Payout threshold and are giddy counting the days when big G will finally send me my first paycheck.

Google Adsense offers a contextual advertising solution to web publishers, empowering them to earn revenue displaying relevant ads on a wide variety of online content, including;
  • Site Search Results
  • Websites
  • Mobile Pages
  • Feeds
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Once your earnings reach $100, you will be paid by Google.

It's funny that my 100th post is about me finally reaching the Google Adsense Payout threshhold of $100 (not counting the privacy policy post). Taking me almost four years to reach the payout threshold isn't noteworthy, but at the very least, the determination to continue writing on different blogs makes me feel good.

I am an occasional personal blogger at best and knows just a little of SEO practices. A good break went my way when blog idol Apol offered me a blog collaboration in one of his high traffic website in exchange for shared adsense spot. Thanks, Kuya Apol. *winks*

What I learned is that you can earn from Google adsense if your content is searched/read by a lot of people. Optimized it so that search engine will know your content and will refer it to searchers. The traffic will eventually come and so are the earnings. Soon, you will reach the threshold just like I did today.

More than the earnings, it will also give you fulfillment when you know you've somehow helped a lot people with useful and reliable information thru blogging. I hope you do feel that, because that's what I feel now.

Here's to more Google Adsense Payout in the near future.


kristina said...


More dollars to come! thumbs up!

Sound Proud International said...

wow! that is great to know! at last, you've earned fruits of your labor..

adaengkantada said...

Yihii! Congratulations!

I just checked my revenues, and its way, way down there. $1 down, $99 to go!

bonz said...

good for you. congrats!

adgitizing! ;)

lee said...

inspiring post! i am just new to adsense about a month pa lang...
thanks for dropping!
see you again...

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