Ogling at Google Chrome OS Notebooks - Chromebooks are my Next Dream Gadget

Notebooks with Google's own operating system - the Chrome OS - are set to be released on June 15.

After two years of development, the battle of operating systems has a new player and it is very interesting to see how it fares against the more established Microsft Windows, Apple MAC OS and a whole line up of open source computer operating system.

I am one of those ogling at one of those chromebooks for my own.

Google Chrome OS Notebooks or Chromebooks
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Google Chrome OS Notebooks or Chromebooks boasts of the following features:
  • Instant Web
  • Always Connected (Almost)
  • Same Experience Everywhere
  • Amazing Web Apps
  • Friends let friends log in
  • Forever Fresh
  • Security Built In

You can learn about the Chromebook features here.

The Chromebook has two manufacturer versions, Samsung & Acer.

The Samsung Chromebook has a 12.1" screen, a whopping 8 hour battery life and is reported to retail at $429 for the Wi-Fi version and $499 for the 3G version. Meanwhile, the more portable Acer Chromebook has an 11.6" display, 6.5 battery life and retail price start at $349.

On June 15, the Chromebooks will be available at Amazon.com, Best-Buy stores in the US. It will also be released in UK and France, Germany, Italy and The Netherlands.

The long battery life on single charge had me screaming and fantasizing blogging for hours at the nearby mall or any free wi-fi area.

Initial reviews say that chromebooks isn't for power users but more for data entry and blogging which is much like saying "This is for you, Doms". That plus my blue H1 netbook umpc needs to retire. LOL!

It's just a shame that it doesn't run Photoshop. But as long as there is some app for image editing, then it would be good for my blogging. Or, it could pave the way for me to master GIMP.

The lull before its release here in the Philippines will afford me to learn all of its downsides. But as of the moment, I'm sold to the idea to using my credit card to purchase me one of those chromebooks. (but only if 0% interest and 12 months to pay, hehehe!!!!)


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