Keyboard Problems of My Netbook

Supposed to be, this would be a normal blogging session. Until a keyboard problem of my Blue H1 Netbook came about and spiced things up.

The K key of my keyboard announced it needed more of my attention, a harder press that is for it to register on screen.

Yes, I know. My Blue H1 Netbook is old. I bought it in 2008 and is already phased out. Mine survived countless virus attacks, semi-major falls on the floor and plenty of reformatting.

It has been my main blogging tool and has served my computing needs reliably well. In that I am very grateful and consider it a good buy. Today is practically the first day it manifested a hardware problem and its age. This is what my blog post would read on my usual typing speed and force. (Insert k in the underscores.)

The _eyboard _ey _ needs to be pressed harder than usual, harder than the other _eys, to register on the screen.

But doing so could double- or triple-type the letter K. It is annoying to delete extra letters, adding more time than necessary to data entry or typing activities.

Quickly, I put on my USB vacuum cleaner, locked the keyboard and cleaned it. I brushed the surface first and vacuumed it. Then, I lifted my netbook upside down, tapped it a few times with medium force. But the problem still lingers with the K key.

Luckily, the letter K is not the most used word in the English language, which is what I use in blogging. Not so, when typing in my native Filipino vernacular.

Replacing my netbook is inevitable. As I brace myself for more hardware problems to surface in the coming days, I pray that my netbook would continue to function just enough for my personal computing needs. Until I can afford a brand new and better netbook. When that time arrives, I will retire this netbook, perhaps with a eulogy to boot. ;)


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