What Excites You About Blogging? 3 Things that Get Me Excited About It

Why get excited about blogging? Typically, any new experience or thing makes one excited. That is quite true in Blogging.

I am not new to blogging per se, just-started relatively speaking. Despite my on-again, off-again affair with my blogs, spanning over three years, still gets me excited.

Here are the 3 Things that Get Me Excited about Blogging and specifically with my blogs. Often, these are the first things I check online. Each of them has a way of egging me on, to persevere in my blogging or simply making my day.


I started to pursue making money thru blogging in 2008. And after a year, I begin to see trickles of earnings thru various advertising platforms. By 2010, I was able to earn a little from a few paid posts, one direct advertising agreement and earn from adsense for the first time. My earnings are not yet at the level to be my primary source of income but welcome extra bucks just the same. You surely can guess what's the default page of my browser - the log-in page of Google Adsense.


As I am using Chrome as my browser to maximize my netbook's small screen size, the next tab would be for Blogger Dashboard - to check if someone took the time to comment on any of my blogs. A comment is the best indicator that someone other than myself visited my blog and hopefully read what I posted. Though my blogs do not have wide readership yet, I deeply appreciate them. Having been a link builder myself before, I consider comments with links, too. Although now, I do not approve anonymous comments any longer and moderate strictly those comments made for link building purposes.


I'm talking about Page Rank here. Though I do not regularly do so, it still gets me excited to learn if my blogs finally ranked. The other day, NETBLOT has the highest PR among my blogs with a PR 2. It has outranked my sports blog (PR 1) and my more updated cellphone blog (PR 0). Oh well, the Page Rank is a wild beast difficult to tame. I'll take it whatever it gives my blog.

How about you? What makes you excited about blogging and your blogs?


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